IoT and Industrial

Sound Box SB001

POS SoundBox

Our POS soundbox features a payment announcement system with low latency and support for multiple languages.

Agriculture Automation

Agriculture Automation

Controls motors, values...etc, based on sensor data and is enabled with IoT.

industrail automation

Industrial Controller

Our basic industrial controller is similar to a PLC and can be used for various automation applications.


HMI Industrial Controller

Our touch screen control panel supports various industrial communication protocols, such as Modbus, CAN, and more.

Electric Mobility

Body Control Unit

Bodu Control Unit

Vehicle/Body control unit monitors and controls various subsystems of the vehicle.



7-inch screen supports Androidâ„¢/Linux-based systems and features a brightness of 1200 nits.

DC DC Unit

DC-DC Converter

DC-DC converter provides 220 watts of non-isolated power to various subsystems within the vehicle.


EV Charging Point

EVSE monitors safety and power usage with advanced metering and billing capabilities during EV charging.