Phazor Orb - We focused on Automotive to Industrial solutions

Phazor Orb is a Technology-Driven company focused on Automotive to Industrial solutions

Smart Mobility

The future of transportation is innovative and modular e-mobility solutions. We are making these solutions available to everyone. Our designs are to be easy to use and easy to implement.


Drive Technology

The Powertrain of an electric vehicle is essential to its safety and reliability. We are committed to achieving these standards in our powertrains. We will continue to innovate in this area to ensure that our solutions are the best possible option.


The solution we are making for electric vehicles can be scaled to industrial applications like motors, controllers, and automation. Our core is building a unified ecosystem that makes it all possible.

 mechanical robot
 solar station


The future of energy is renewable. We strive to develop sustainable energy solutions that have a low environmental impact. We must be able to meet our energy requirements.

Presently we Focus on


We are building a software and hardware eco-system for electric vehicles.