Solutions That we are engineering

We are developing below indigenous solutions for Power electronics that have the potential to revolutionize the industry

Eco System

A simple and friendly system to scale hardware and software. It will help scale the existing products, develop new products and test with fewer efforts!

Modern Hardware

Stay up to date with the latest technological developments. We partner with significant electronics component suppliers to deliver new and efficient solutions.

RTOS for Power Electronics

Sha Real Time Operating System, designed exclusively for the power electronics domain, helps to run the time-critical tasks and contains the DSP libs.

dashboard car
OS for HMI

Or OS is optimised for Human–machine interface solutions developed on top of Android, which runs a faster, smoother UI experience with low resources and core libraries.

Below are the E-mobility solutions that we are presently engineering

Motor Controller

Our motor controllers are the newest and most advanced on the market. Our controllers are made easy to use, versatile, and specifically designed for electric vehicles.

In addition, it comes with configuration software that is easy to use and lets you tune your controller for optimal performance.


Body Control Unit (BCU) is the control unit for all switches and other controls in a vehicle. Our BCU is the latest, most advanced system for managing all vehicle controls and procedures.

It comes with CAN, LIN, security, and diagnostics features to enhance your driving experience.


The BMS unit is the heart of your electric vehicle. When used in conjunction with a battery pack, it ensures your battery pack's safety and longevity

It monitors and predicts accurate SOC (State of Charge) and SOH (State of Health), vital parameters for improving the overall battery performance.


Our innovative cluster comes with various display size options, which are easy to integrate, easy to upgrade and come with telemetrics.

We are building an operating system called Or OS, especially for clusters, which enables easy development, software upgrades, and device manageability.